Beach buggy racing 2 Tesla (BBR2)

Beach Buggy Racing 2 Tesla, the latest addition to Tesla’s Arcade and Toy Box. Developed by Vector Unit, this 3D off-cart racing game is playable on Tesla vehicles and Android and iOS devices. With over 7 million people already enjoying the first version, Beach Buggy Racing 2 Tesla offers an even more exciting and immersive experience.


After introducing Beach Buggy Racing to over 7 million people, Tesla released BBR 2, which was playable on Tesla vehicles on 10 March 2021 after the delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Vector Unit developed Beach Buggy Racing 2, part of the launch of Tesla’s Arcade and Toy Box. Beach Buggy Racing 2 can be played on a Smartphone as it is an Android and iOS app, but it is also interesting to note that Tesla vehicles are used in the gameplay. It is a USB-Connected gamepad controller, as you can control it with your Tesla vehicle steering wheel, brake pedal, and screen control. 

The core features of Beach Buggy Racing 2 Tesla:

Here is the list of game features of BBR2 Tesla according to the gaming software developer company called Vector Unit

  • BBR2 is a 3D off-cart racing game with a vast range of characters, cars, and tremendous weapons that is also developed by Vector unit and NVIDIA’s.
  • There are 45 powerups to discover and upgrade to create a custom one just like Boost Juice, Donut Tires
  • There are 55 cars, including sports cars, muscle cars, monster trucks, beach buggies, etc. 
  • There are a total of three models in it, including; Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3 cars
  • There are three modes which include Chill, Performance, and Ludicrous 

 How to play Beach Buggy Racing 2 on Tesla?

The most exciting part of this Tesla invention is that you play this game with your Tesla vehicle steering as there is a new update from Tesla as its steering doesn’t get rigid. While starting the game, you can set up the steering sensitivity according to your level alongside breaks and pedals. You can also handle it through its touch screen. You can choose one or two player options and go to settings for extras, like different powerups.

Warning while playing Beach Buggy Racing 2 (BBR2):

While playing BBR2 on a Tesla, you do not have to hit the accelerator as it is automotive, so if you forget and in case you hit the accelerator, the software will turn off the pedal unless you exit the Arcade and send you the warning note. So be careful while playing BBR2.

Pros and Cons of Beach Buggy Racing 2:

Pros of Tesla (BBR2):

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Fully responsive steering wheel.
  • Play on a charge mode. 

Cons of Tesla (BBR2):

  • When you hit the accelerator while playing the game, the paddles are turned off until you exit the Arcade.

Beach buggy racing 2 is one of the significant innovations from Tesla Arcade and Toy Box under the software company Vector Unit. It has highly built-in features and is easy to navigate. As beach buggy racing 2 comes up with updates like more than 45 prompts and a highly exceptional graphic part, you can enjoy your driving gameplay from Egyptian pyramids to pirate shipwrecks. So, it is an excellent treat for tech enthusiasts.



Is there any new update in beach buggy racing 2 Tesla (BBR2) in the future?

 E3 panel is expected in BBR2 in the future.

Is the Tesla game free?

Tesla game is overall free for their user, but there is an in-app purchase

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