3 Best Headphones for hip hop in Amazon| Detailed Review

There are plenty of headphones in the marketplace nowadays which is why it is difficult to understand which one is the best headphone for hip hop, so we review tons of headphones based on sound, durability, noise cancellation, and battery life, and then pick the top 3 which is in-depth explain in this guide


Are you looking for the best headphones for hip hop and might be confused about which is best so this guide is for you. Here we come up with the best top 3 headphones for hip hop by considering the following qualities battery life, durability, portability, lightweight, noise cancellation, and much more. So let’s dive into this article:

1: Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones for hip hop:

Form factorOn-ear headphone
Model nameBeast Solo Pro
CompatibilityAndroid and IOs
Powerlithium-ion battery
Battery timingUp to 22 hours

Beast Solo Pro Wireless headphones for hip hop as it is one of the best headphones with sleek and slim elegant designs and have amazikey features like long battery life, auto-on and off, easy Bluetooth connectivity noise cancellation, etc

Design and comfortable:

The Beast Solo Pro Wireless headphones are designed ergonomically to deliver comfort for extended wear and a sleek design

Just unfold and go:

To power on the Beat Solo Pro wireless headphones just unfold it and enjoy 22 hours of listing time and get up to 40 hours with transparency and noise cancelling. Fold the best solo pro to turn off them


Gives real-time audio calibration and actively blocks external noise


The Beast Solo Pro wireless headphones help you to stay aware of your surroundings as they naturally filter in more environmental and ambient noise.

Fast charging:

 Just 10 minutes of power pack charging gives 3 hours of playback when the battery is low.


The built-in microphone feature gives free hand calls on iOS devices via “Hey Siri’’ and voice capabilities with the B button on compatible devices.

What you get inside the box:

Beast Solo Pro wireless noise-canceling headphones, quick start guide, warranty card, carrying case, and lightning to USB-A charging cable


  • Noise cancellation (uses real-time audio calibration and blocks external noise)
  • Transparency (helps you to stay aware of your surroundings as they naturally filers in ambient noise)
  • Extended power (get 40 hours of battery life when noise canceling and transparency are off)
  • Auto power on and off (unfold the headphone to power on and fold to power off)
  • Battery life (only 10 minutes of charging gives the 3 hours of playback)


  • It has a soft case so it puts too much pressure on head based
  • Phone call voice quality is not that great.

2: Bose 700 wireless Bluetooth headphone

Form factorOn-Ear
ConnectivityBluetooth, wireless
Built-in- microphonesYes
Noise CancellationYes
Voice controlAlexa’s voice control
BatteryLithium Polymer
Charging timeupto 2.25 hours

Boss 700 is one of the best brands of headphones as it is amazing in design. Its weight is 8.8 ounces and 2*6.5*8 inches. The Boss 700 wireless Bluetooth headphone is very comfortable slim and sleek in design has built-in microphones that easily connect wirelessly to any device, has amazing sound quality with the noise canceling feature a large frequency range, and a long battery life once it is fully charged.

Battery life:

The Boos 700 Wireless Bluetooth headphones have such a miserable long battery life of 20 hours of continuous playtime


Alongside the sleek and stylish design of Boss 700 wireless Bluetooth headphones. It has such comfortable angled ear cups which are made from synthetic protein leather as they are durable, soft, and can be used for all-day listing

Adaptive mic system:

 The Boss 700 Wireless Bluetooth is optimized for Google Assistant and Alexa. So you can easily access navigation weather music and much more and also touch control on the ear cups as you can stay connected without touching your phone it has an unrivaled microphone system that isolates your voice while canceling the voice around you.

Noise cancellation:

Boos 700 have 11 levels of noise cancellation so you can adjust your noise cancellation level according to your surroundings and easily personalize your environment without any call distractions.

Sound quality:

It produces clear, full base, deep sound and can be balanced at every volume level Also revolutionary microphone system easily adapts to windy and noisy environments and gives crystal clear sound on calls

What you get inside the box:

Headphone, cable, and headband


  • Great sound quality
  • 20 hours battery life
  • 11 levels of noise-canceling feature
  • Alexa voice control


  • N/A 

3: Sony WHXB 700 Wireless headphone

Weight1.21 pounds
Battery1 Lithium Polymer
Charging time4 hours
Cable length 4 feet
Form factorOn-ear
Battery TimingUpto 30 Hours
ConnectivityBluetooth, NFC
Built-in micYes
Noise cancellationYes

Sony WXHB 700 is also a great wireless headphone for hip hop as it is a lightweight, wireless headphone and gives the extra base with the best sound quality. The battery life of the Sony WXHB 700 is about 30 hours, moreover, it is connected to the Sony headphone app for taking phone calls and optimizing the sound setting as it has a built microphone and a Bluetooth frequency of 20 HZ to 20,000 HZ, and with the help of the push button it controls your smart phone’s voice assistant. It takes 4 hours to completely charge and has 4 feet of cable length


The Sony WHXB 700 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth headphone is a very comfortable lightweight headphone with an on-ear design and swiveling ear cups

Battery life:

It has a long-lasting battery of 30 hours with just 4 hours of charging time 

Sound quality and bass:

It gives the power full clear sound and also it is connected to an app that optimizes your sound quality Take calls with the built-in mic and control your smartphone voice assistant with the push of a button and also gives the power of extra bass by audio formats SBC, AAC, aptX

Amazon Alexa built-in:

Alexa-enabled for hand-free voice access to music, information, and more by simply downloading the Alexa app and Sony Headphone Connect app on your phones and following the Sony Headphone Connect app instruction

What you get inside the box:



  • 30 hours of battery timing       
  • Best sound quality with perfect base
  • Elegant design


  • Ear cups do not hold up with the passage of time and no way to replace it.

There is plenty of option in hip hop headphones nowadays which is why it might be difficult for anyone to judge who might be perfect for them and has amazing features like a perfect long-timing battery, portable, lightweight, and multi-point so easily connected with 2 devices at once.  So after considering these points we review a lot of headphones for hip hop and pick the best 3 of them, you can also review it by reading this article

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Do Beats Solo Wireless headphones have noise cancellation?

Beast Solo Pro headphones have noise cancellation and transparency features that actively block external noise and their natural filters help you to stay aware of your surroundings

How to pair Beast Solo Pro wireless headphones with an iPhone?

It requires the latest version of IOS then simply unfolds the headband takes it near to the unlocked device and follows the on-screen device instructions.

How long does the Bose 700 battery charge last?

The charging timing of Bose 700 wireless headphones is 2.5 hours and it lasts up to 20 hours

Is Bose 700 still worth buying?

Yes, it is still worth buying as it has 11 levels of noise cancellation, and water resistance, is lightweight, has a unique design, controls with ear pad touch, and also has voice control with Google Assistant and Alexa, so it is an overall good option to buy if you are looking for headphones for hip-hop.

Does the Sony WHXB700 have noise-cancelling?

The Sony WHXB700 has a noise cancellation feature as it isolates the base range, and blocks external noise

Does WHXB700 have a mic?

The Sony WHXB 700 has come with a built-in mic feature to play music; voice control with Alexa also helps to control your home devices and to take wireless phone calls

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