Continuously Conflict between Palestine and Israel: Last Week Updates

The Conflict between Palestine and Israel is one of the sensational topics around the globe, and after hearing news from Palestine and Gaza, every eye bled into tears. 

Israel broke all the limits and rules of injustice and oppression, and sadly, the situation has become worse daily as millions of precious lives are killed in this war every day, leading everyone into trauma. 

In this article, we give all the major and minor news about the war, their current situation, how they strive to live during this war, how Israel tyrannizes the people of Gaza and Palestine, and which country raised their voices for Palestine. 

Which major countries are with Israel, and what diplomatic games are playing Israel to prove them right? So, let’s delve into this article and get a deep insight into the traumatic war.

The Conflict Between Palestine and Israel

The Israel-Palestine struggle, one of the world’s longest-standing and most unstable debates, has once more touched off, grasping the world’s consideration. 

The most recent acceleration, which began on October 12, 2023, has driven terrible casualties and calls for peace worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at the occasions of the past nine days.

Last 9 Days Update on the Conflict between Palestine and Israel

Here is a deep insight into the last nine days of the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Day 6 (October 12, 2023)

On the sixth day of the war, the bombardment on Palestine was at its peak, and in this bombardment on Gaza from Israel, 800 people in Palestine were martyred, and more than four thousand were injured inadequately.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened to destroy the Hammas. He initiated the decision of the war from Hamas now; we also give them the answer with the war.

What is affected on the sixth day of the war 2023

The bombardment from Israel turned the towers, schools, and streets into a heap and martyred the many holy mosques. Approximately two lacs people are homeless, and the schools run by the United Nations are closed. 

The pulverization of whole neighborhoods in Gaza, domestic to 2.3 million individuals, half of them children, has constrained 338,000 Palestinians to escape their homes and seek refuge.

Israel has forced a total attack on Gaza, stopping access to fundamental assets such as nourishment, water, medication, and fuel because it plans for a conceivable ground attack.

Day 7 (October 13, 2023)

The Israeli military has warned 1.1 million individuals in northern Gaza to take off their homes amid signs that Israel is planning to heighten its retaliatory hostility against Hamas in reaction to the fear assaults on October 7 that murdered 1,300 people.

According to the UN’s compassionate office, Israel’s departure arrangement incited thousands of individuals to escape their homes in Gaza on Friday.

The helpful emergency in Gaza is declining, with individuals confronting starvation.

According to the Palestinian Prosperity Service, at scarcest, 1,900 people have been butchered in Gaza.

President Joe Biden says the US is “working like hell” to return Americans misplaced in Israel to the US. The essential structure organized by the US State Division to encourage its citizens out of

Day 8 (October 14, 2023)

Although many water pipes were damaged in the Israeli shelling, Palestinians say Israel’s announcement of renewing water supply to southern Gaza is a “publicity stunt.”They, too, specify that without power, the water pumps utilized to fill the tanks are inoperable.

According to the United Nations agency that helps Palestinian displaced people, an estimated one million Gazans have been uprooted, to begin with, seven days of struggle with Israel, with help groups describing the circumstance within the blockaded enclave as “catastrophic.”

As the military buildup proceeds amid tenacious assault, Israel has conveyed tanks and weapons along the Gaza border fence.

At least 2,670 Palestinians, with a quarter of children, have been murdered in Israeli discuss attacks. The entire number of Israelis murdered in Hamas’ military operation is 1,400.

Day 9 (October 15, 2023)

Despite worldwide calls for a ceasefire, the struggle appeared to have no signs of abating. The joined-together Countries started talking about the emergency, encouraging both sides to cease threats. 

Over 2 million individuals in Gaza are at hazard due to water deficiencies, with the Israeli military slaughtering two Hamas commanders. Over 2,200 Palestinians have been murdered in Gaza, counting 324 within the final 24 hours. 

Israeli Prime Serve Benjamin Netanyahu claims the assault was fair at the start of the reaction hours. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims the bombardment is just the beginning of the response.

Day 10 (October 16, 2023)

Diplomatic efforts to mediate peace discussions gained traction, but fighting continued in several areas, leading to a rising death toll.

Day 11 (October 17, 2023)

The situation became increasingly dire, with Israel targeting Hamas leaders and rockets from Gaza reaching further into Israeli territory.

Day 12 (October 18, 2023)

Massive protests and rallies in support of Palestine took place in various parts of the world, putting more international pressure on Israel and Palestine to end the hostilities.

Day 13 (October 19, 2023)

A few attempts at arrangement were made, but both sides remained hesitant to concur on a ceasefire. The helpful emergency within the locale was getting to be more extreme.

Day 14 (October 20, 2023)

As of today, the struggle proceeds with no conclusion in location. The world observes with bated breath, trusting for a quiet determination.

Which Countries Raise Their Voice for Palestine

Various countries and organizations have communicated their concern for the circumstances in Palestine. Nations such as Turkey, Iran, and Qatar have supported the Palestinian cause. 

Universal organizations, including the Joined together Countries and the European Union, have called for a prompt ceasefire and a tranquil determination.

Muhammad Rizwan’s Tweet for Palestine

Muhammad Rizwan, a noticeable human rights dissident and social media influencer, took to Twitter to raise his voice for Palestine. 

In his tweet, he called for a conclusion to the viciousness and a quiet arrangement, emphasizing the significance of ensuring blameless lives.

What Strategy Israel Has Taken to Prove Their Right

Israel’s procedure to legitimize its activities within the strife has been multi-faceted. They contend their activities are in self-defense, focusing on Hamas aggressors and their foundation to secure Israeli civilians. 

Israel has highlighted Hamas’s part in utilizing civilians as human shields, making it challenging to maintain a strategic distance from collateral harm. 

The Israeli government has sought worldwide support for its activities, emphasizing its right to protect its citizens from rocket assaults.

The Israel-Palestine strife has once more dove the locale into turmoil, causing broad enduring and misfortune of life. The occasions of the past nine days have highlighted the critical requirement for a quiet determination in this long-standing struggle. 

Universal endeavors to intervene in talks and conclude the dangers proceed and the world observes, trusting for a brighter and more serene future for Israel and Palestine.



Why does the Israel-Palestine strife proceed to escalate?

The root causes of the struggle are complex and profoundly imbued. Both sides have long-standing grievances, regional debates, and contrasting authentic stories, making it challenging to reach an enduring resolution.

What is the worldwide community doing to conclude the conflict?

The worldwide community is making political endeavors to intervene in peace talks and call for a ceasefire. The joined-together Countries and different nations are effectively included in these endeavors.

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