Deborah Bollman Age, Family Background| Detailed Biography 

Deborah is a 43-year-old woman who is a stenographer and also the CEO of the Captain Cart. She is a real-time transcripter. While attending the press conference at Staples Center, the famous American football player forwarded his words to his teammate without being aware that the mic was on. 

The crowd heard that compliment, including Deborah, and everyone laughed; this incident made Deborah viral on the internet overnight. 

Real name:Deborah Bollman 
Birth PlaceUnited States 
Date of birth1973
Age (in 2023)43
Height5 feet 6 inches
Eyes ColourHazel
Hair ColourDark Brown
Deborah’s HusbandAnthony J.Farfan
Marital statusMarried


Deborah was born in 1973. She is 43 years old, according to 2023. The full name of Deborah is Deborah Bollman Farfan. Deborah served as an ASAP Sports stenographer from Riverside, California. She is the CEO of Captain Cart for up to 15 years. Deborah. She types up to 300 words per minute for the interview transcript. 

The Career of Deborah Bollman:

Deborah Bollman joined the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) in January 1997. She worked as a Stenographer for Captain Cart since 2001, and then later on, Deborah became the CEO of the Captain Cart and provided the services of captaining and real-time transcription. Deborah captioned many events, including the NBA Finals, French Open, and World Series. She has been a Court Reporters and Cart provider. Moreover, her specialty in sports gave her the most memorable moment of her life in all seven games of the 2016 World Series.

Deborah was a Real-time Captioned in January 2001, a Media Production accomplished by 3Play Media at the start of 2022 and brought in September 2022. She worked as a Board Member at the California Court Reporter Association from 2015 to 2016, and then from October 2016 to August 2018.

 Deborah provided her services as a Vice President of Cal-CCRA. She was a guest speaker at the Humphreys University workshop in February 2017, organized by the Court Reporting Department.

The controversy about Deborah Bollman which makes her famous:

Deborah Bollman is a Stenographer a night before the press conference at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Nigel Hayes, a famous American basketball player, is on the mic just forwarding words to his teammate that today Deborah looks so delightful; without knowing that, the mic is on, and the other second, the press catches his voice, and the whole ground bursts into laughter, for instance, Nigel got confused after the audience reaction and asked did you hear that? In the mic

Everyone there finds it funny and cute; even Deborah takes it as a sweet gesture. After this incident, Nigel Hayes apologized to Deborah in his tweet in such a manner as she said Deborah, It’s fun when the players try to trip her with her words. 

It shows player attention after this tweet. Deborah became more famous as her tweet followers increased from 15 to 900 overnight. Deborah thought it was funny, but she was not aware this incident had become so popular. Even her daughter Sophia tweeted, ‘I’ve been trying for years to get out there, and now Extra is calling, and a basketball player calls my mom lovely. So, like what?

Deborah uses her social media popularity, which is got after taking the compliment from Nigel, to promote her daughter Sophia as a passionate and soulful singer. 

Deborah Bollmna’s daughter:

After the incident at Staples Center, in an interview, Deborah talked about her children. Deborah told her daughter Sophia she is passionate about singing and working hard to chase her dream. At that moment, she was part of the band called Detour91.

Sophia auditioned for the famous show The Voice in season 13. where she sang the hit song Invincible’ by Kelly Clarkson. She did an excellent performance in the audition and was to make two chairs turn. But unfortunately, during the battle round, she was eliminated. 

During elimination, Sophia mentioned to her mother that her mother supported her as, at the age of 13, Sophia got involved with Kids Rocks Free.

Personal Life of Deborah Bollman:

Deborah Bollman is a 43-year-old married woman whose husband’s name is Anthony J.Farfan. She is a resident of Norco, California. She is a mother of three children and one of her daughters, Sophia, is famous for her singing.

Deborah Bollman is an expert in her field stenographer, as she typed 300 words in just a minute. In the incident at Staples Center, a famous football player told his teammate that today Deborah looked so delightful without knowing that the mic was on, so the media caught his voice. 
Everyone in the stadium heard that compliment, including Deborah, and the crowd laughed. Everyone found it cute, and this incident gave immense fame to Deborah, especially when the American Football Player Nigel apologized to her in his tweet. This tweet significantly impacted her popularity as her Twitter followers increased from 15 to 900 overnight. 
Then Deborah used her social media popularity to promote her daughter’s singing profession by uploading a post about her daughter Sophia as an excellent rock star. One of Deborah’s fans also commented on this post by cheering it.



What is the net worth of Deborah Bollman? 

Deborah worked across Canada, the US, and Europe. Deborah is a registered reporter who has worked professionally since 1998. Deborah’s monthly income is 80,000; her net worth is up to 1 million.

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