How to Utilize Editpad to Earn Sensible Income – Editpad Review 

The edit pad is an all-in-one tool. It is an outstanding tool for bloggers, students, web admins, and writers. This tool helps to enhance the productivity of your work as well as save you time.

It works like an online notepad that allows users to edit their content or notes online without hassle by copying, pasting, or uploading a file into this Editor without any complicated sign-up process. 

So, let’s deep dive into this article and understand which features of this edit pad paraphrase make it stand out from other online editors over the Internet.

What is an editpad?

Edit Pad is an online text editor that became famous in the past few years among writers, bloggers, students, and web admins. It allows users to create and save notes online. 

Editpad has many features, including a plagiarism checker, content paraphrasing, words and character counter, text summarizer, grammar checker, and much more, with a simple user interface.

The key features of Edit Pad:

The Edit Pad is a seamless set of features that gives a hand-to-hand experience to their user, which are as follows:

1: Text Editor:

The most popular feature of the edit pad is its text editor, as it is like an online notepad of Microsoft. It allows the user to copy and paste the text to edit and save it for later use. Users can upload the file from their Google Drive, computer, and one drive (under process).

2: Paraphrase Editor: 

The Edit pad editor gives you access to paraphrase your text or content. It works on paraphrasing the text by changing it with high-quality synonyms. Most writers and bloggers use this tool to translate their content into a more creative one. 


  • Easy to use
  • Paraphrase into 17 languages 
  • Swiftly paraphrase the text


  • Need advancement in tone selection.

3: Plagiarism Checker:

The second best feature of this tool is its plagiarism checker. After paraphrasing your content, you can check the originality of the text or content by staying on this one website with the help of its plagiarism checker tool. 

Editpad gives the report with the proper uniqueness percentage, highlights the plagiarized content, and provides the site link from which the content is matched. So you can do appropriate citations of your content or research paper.


  • You can select your preference language 
  • Fastly check the plagiarism and give results in no time 
  • Show results with a percentage



4: Grammar Checker:

The grammar checker is also an excellent tool on this website. It allows the user to check the grammar mistakes and punctuation with one click. This tool is likely similar to other grammar checker tools, but it does not detect if the content is already mistakes-free.


  • Fast response 
  • Easy to navigate 


This tool does not check or correct the tone.

5: Content Summarizer:

The content summarizer of the edit pad website is a remarkable tool that is especially helpful for students and writers to make a summary or short description of their long-form content within six languages. The content summarizer of the edit pad summarizes the given range in just 5 to 8 seconds.


  • Allow to download files in Docx format
  • Separate text with bullet points



Some advanced features of the edit pad: 

The advanced features of the edit pad that make this tool ideal for its users are:

Word Count:

It allows the user to check the text or content’s total words and convert words to pages.

Character Count:

The user also checks the character of the pasted text with the number of spaces.

No Installation:

There is no need for installation. You can access this site in your browser with just one click and use its enriched features without hassle.

Supported Formats:

The edit pad text editor supports the following formats:

PDF, DOC, TXT(plain text files),

DOCX(Microsoft Word Documents).

Cell phone application:

The edit pad online editor app is also available on the Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for IOS users.

Pricing Plans:

You can use this website for free, but there are also two premium plans for the online edit pad, which are later divided into four parts. Also, one of their plans is mainly for students in primary or premium packages because the edit pad is very renowned among the students. 

1: The Basic Plan:

Here are the four parts of the basic plan:

  • The student basic plan starts from 7$
  • The basic monthly plan starts from 9$
  • The basic Semi-annual plan starts from 69$
  • The basic annual program starts from 99$

2: The Pro Plan:

Here are the four parts of the pro plan:

  • The pro-student program starts from 9$
  • The basic monthly plan starts from 29
  • The basic semi-plan starts from 129$
  • The basic annual program starts from 199$

The edit pad is a seamless all-in-one editor. It has a straightforward user interface. The user can edit their text without any installation. 

Moreover, there are plenty of features like plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers, paraphrase tools, and many more that increase the productivity of their users. Due to these enriched features, this is one of the favorite and ideal platforms among students, writers, bloggers, and web admins.



Q: Is there any need to download the edit pad? 

You don’t have to download the edit pad as it is an online text editor. So, you can use this website without downloading and giving your credit card details.

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