What is Global Plagiarism? Global and AI Plagiarism in 2023

Plagiarism is considered a severe crime, as you intentionally use or copy another author’s work without giving them credit or using any citation. 

There is a slight borderline between getting inspiration from other authors’ work and copying and pasting it without their permission. Most writers and content creators unintentionally cross that line of inspiration, raising questions about their credibility and writing career. 

Although nowadays, AI rules over anything, most writers use AI to create their content, and it is also considered an unlawful act and comes under Plagiarism. So, let’s delve into this article and understand the methodology of Global Plagiarism and its relevance to AI. 

What is Global Plagiarism? 

Global Plagiarism is an illegal act, and It is the most common type. According to the Oxford University Global Plagiarism Definition, It happens when someone entirely copies other content creators’ or authors’ work and presents it as their own without giving attribution. 

Global Plagiarism is a sensational topic as the writer or authors intentionally steal other content creators’ hard work and lie about its original ownership. 

Most of the writers or content creators use some phrases from other writer’s work or spin the articles and use them, which is also considered Global Plagiarism because it is the hard work of someone else and, in return, loses the authority of their own as a writer in a marketplace.

Is AI content plagiarized?

According to SJSU University’s research, using Artificial Intelligence software to write articles, blogs, or different written formats for social media tends to be a form of Plagiarism as it is not created by you, which is why it is not considered your work. 

Moreover, AI software works on an algorithm that analyzes the data from the internet according to the given keywords and makes an article of that information which is present on the internet. It is not considered an original work; it is a copy of the available information on the internet, which a human does not write.  

So, it is also not considered as your work. However, nowadays, there are plenty of options that help to detect the authority of the article and also plagiarism checkers that help to see whether the work is original or stolen from other authors’ work.

Global Plagiarism and AI Content Consequence:

Most bloggers or content creators think that to rank on a Google search engine, they must upload many articles on their blog or website, but this is just a myth. 

The content copied from other writers is considered plagiarized, and if you upload the plagiarized content on your website or blog. As a result, Google detects that it is copied and loses the website authority. 

Moreover, suppose AI writes the article or content. In that case, it will not help you to get more traffic even though it will decrease the current traffic of your blog due to the lack of information that the user is looking for and the lack of interest that grabs the user’s attention. 

That’s why plagiarized or AI content will not help you rank in the Google search engine and decrease your current traffic and domain authority. 

Avoiding Global Plagiarism or AI content:

The writers or content creators need to understand that Plagiarism or AI content negatively affects their ability and credibility of work. So, make sure that you independently write the content; for that, you must do thorough research before writing an article. 

However, you get inspiration from other articles and must mention credit or citation if you get a reference from another writer’s work but not copy and paste. After writing an essay, check for Plagiarism from different tools that unintentionally match your article with someone’s other work.

Global Plagiarism is considered an unlawful act. According to Oxford University, Global Plagiarism is the illegal copying of another author’s work and mentioning it as your own. If someone does this, the content writer or creator loses their credibility, and the plagiarized content may not help you to rank in search engines. As Google is becoming more brilliant day by day, if someone uploads plagiarized content, Google detects it and may cause it to lose domain authority. 

Similarly, AI content is a form of Plagiarism as a human does not write it and is a copy of the information that’s already mentioned on the internet; that is why it does not tend to be exciting and informative, which catches the user’s attention and does not help to increase the ROI. 



1: Is it Plagiarism if AI writes it?

Using AI to write content or articles is a form of Plagiarism as a human, or you do not write it. The AI gathers the data already available on the net and makes content from it, which is unintentionally considered a copy of the other authors’ work.

2: What is the Global Plagiarism example? 

Global Plagiarism means taking ownership of someone else’s work. For example, Suppose you copy a result of someone else online, including written or digital formats, and mention it with your name in a marketplace place. In that case, it is considered an unlawful act, according to Oxford University.

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