Is Your PC Ready? Decoding the GTA 6 System Requirements:

The Grand Theft Auto game franchise is among the most well-known ones created by the company. In the video game industry, the moniker Rockstar is famous. 

They announced the launch of GTA 6 following the unstoppable popularity of GTA 5. Everyone is now following the most recent GTA 6 news. 

If you belong to this group, read on because we cover all you need to know about GTA 6—from its release date to the specifications of your computer system—in great detail.

The success of GTA 5:

GTA 5 was first released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles, and due to its popularity, it was later released in 2014 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and in 2015 for the PC. 

Following the game’s phenomenal success worldwide, Rockstar released GTA 5 in 2022 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S gamers.

The announcement of the release of GTA 6:

On the official Twitter account of Rockstar Games, the company announced the new series of GTA back in February 2022.

They stated on their official account:

People are asking about the next series of GTAs after the immense fame of GTA 5. Thus, GTA 6 is currently under development.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA 6) should be launched when? :

There currently needs to be an official date for the release of the next-gen series, GTA 6, which is anticipated to be launched in the beginning or middle of 2024, but gamers are still eagerly awaiting it.

System requirements for GTA 6:

After hearing the expected release date of the Grand Theft Auto Series, here are the predicted requirements for Rockstar GTA 6 for PC, including the minimum and recommended specifications:

Recommended System Specification for GTA 6:

The recommended system specifications for GTA 6 are:

OSIt is up to Windows 10 It is up to Windows 11
CPUIt has an Intel Core i5-6600KIt has an Intel Core i7-8700K
Memory8 GB16 GB
File Size100- 150 GB100- 150 GB
Graphic CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

GTA is the leading series in the gaming industry, developed by the company Rockstar. And after the unbreakable success of the last series, which is GTA 5, they will introduce GTA 6.  

Here we describe the expected release date of GTA 6, the announcement by the company on its official account, and the requirement and upgradation your system needs to run this Rockstar Grand Theft Auto



Will Rockstar release GTA 6? 

Rockstar announced back in February 2022 on their official Twitter account that after the remarkable popularity of GTA 5, everyone asked about the next series, so now they are happy to announce that the next series of Grand Theft Auto is predicted to be released in the early or mid of 2024.

Will GTA 6 be released on PC? 

The Rockstar Games only expose a little about the next series of GTA, but according to the research, GTA 5 was first introduced for Playstation and Xbox, so it is predicted that they will again first release GTA 6 for Xbox and Playstation and then for PC However, still, there is no legitimate news regarding that.

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