Japanese Dog Hachiko Sakuma, The Symbol of Unwavering Loyalty

Hachiko Sakuma is the true story of the dog and his unintentional love towards his owner. Which embarks history and is still remembered even after decades. The friendship between Hachiko Sakuma and his owner is as old as time. Their company had a significant impact on Japanese Culture.

In this world where every relationship becomes temporary or time passes. The bond between the dog named Hachiko Sakuma and his owner makes everyone astonished. So, let’s delve into the emotional journey from Tokyo’s streets, which led everyone into tears.

Who was Hachiko Sakuma?

Hachiko Sakuma is a male Japanese Akita breed dog who was born on November 10 1923. At a farm in Odate, Japan and was renowned for his loyalty and unconditional love toward his owner. Hidesaburo Ueno, who is a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University in the agricultural department.

The early life of Hachiko Sakuma: 

Hachiko Sakuma was adopted by Professor Ueno in 1924. Ueno brought him to his home in Shibuya, Tokyo, where their remarkable journey happens.

When the owner of the Hachiko Sakuma leaves the home for his work, Hachiko accompanies him to the nearby station of Shibuya. From there, Ueno got a train for the university, and his dog Hachiko waited for his owner at Shibuya’s station until his owner returned from work. This routine of the dog Hachiko and his owner Ueno continued for over a year until 1925, May 21.

The death of Ueno and Hachiko Sakuma reaction: 

The dog’s owner, Ueno, was a patient of cerebral haemorrhage. One day, while lecturing to the class, Ueno had an attack and died at that moment and never arrived at the station where Hachiko waited for him all day.

Hachiko didn’t know about the death of his beloved owner and patiently waited for his owner for up to 9 years, nine months, and 15 days. According to the research, most people saw Hachiko when the train was due at the station his owner used to take to get back home.

Publications on Hachiko Sakuma: 

Hachiko and his owner usually grabbed the attention of those who also used Shibuya Station. Still, initially, the people’s reaction, especially from the workers at the Shibuya station, could have been more friendly. 

But when the first article was published about Hachiko waiting for his owner at the Shibuya Station, people recognized him, gave him some food, and brought him a treat while waiting for more than nine years. 

During this period, one of the students of Ueon Professor saw him at the Shibuya station and followed him toward his home, from where he learned about the dog Hachiko story and got so inspired and then published a documentary on Hachiko even published several articles on the sincerity and devotion of the dog Hachiko and in 1932 one of his article becomes very famous that is published in Asahi. It places the dog in the national spotlight.

Later on, different children’s story books, illustrated books and animated series were picturized on Hachiko’s life. Even in a video game, the statue of the Hachiko is portrayed as a legend of legacy, and the location of the Hachiko’s statue plays a vital role in the game. 

In 2009, an American movie was released, which is also inspired by the story of the loyal dog Hachiko, directed by Lasse Hallstrom and in 2015, a Telugu film was created which is also based on the true story of Hachiko and his devotion towards his owner. 

The story of Hachiko and his owner was also included as a lesson in the children’s book named Hachiko, The True Story of a Loyal Dog in Japan.

The impact of Hachiko Sakuma’s life story on Japanese Culture: 

The story of the dog Hachiko made a significant impact on the community of Japan. As thousands of people got inspired by the loyalty of the dog, and it became the national legacy in Japan. 

Teachers and parents used the story of Hachiko for children as an example. It is considered the bond or spirit every family has to achieve to strive.

The awareness of the Akita breed grew when Taro rendered the sculpture of the dog Hachiko, and then 

Hachiko’s legacy became the national symbol of heritage.

Hachiko Sakuma’s Bark

Hachiko’s bark was once recorded on an old 78 RPM record, and it was revealed to the world after the restoration project in 1994. It resonates even now as a poignant reminder of a loyalty transcending life and death’s boundaries.

The death and annual ceremony

On March 8, 1935, Hachiko was found dead on the street in Shibuya. On March 8, thousands of dog lovers came to the Shibuya station, honoring Hachiko for his loyalty and devotion to his owner with a solemn remembrance ceremony.

After years of research, scientists discovered the reason for Hachiko’s death in 2011. Hachiko had a disease of filarial infection and terminal cancer. After his death, Hachiko was buried beside his lovable owner. Ueno and his taxidermy was displayed at the National Science Museum of Japan in Tokyo forever. 

The statue of Hachiko Sakuma:

The bronze statue was rendered by Teru Ando and mounted at Shibuya’s station in 1934. This statue was demolished due to World War 2. Then, the son of the Teru, Takeshi Ando, sculpted a new figure in 1948, and right now. it is the most famous meeting place in Japan.

The new statue of Hachiko was built at the front of Akita Dog Museum in 2004. Later, on the 80th anniversary of Hachiko on March 8, 2015. The bronze statue was placed outside the University of Tokyo Agricultural Department, where Ueno was a Professor. 

The figure displays that Hachiko is very excited to meet his owner after the end of the day, and the Ueno is dressed in a trench coat, suit, hat, and a briefcase, which is placed on the ground. This statue shows the Reunion of the Ueno and his most loyal dog, Hachiko.

A Last Reunion

Hachikō’s tale took an emotional turn in 2016. After Yaeko Sakano, the unmarried partner of Professor Ueno, expressed her desire to rest beside her late partner. 

Her ashes were buried with Ueno and Hachikō at Aoyama Cemetery. The reunion marked the completion of Hachikō’s family, immortalizing their names on a shared grave.

The Memorial Tribute to Hachiko Sakuma:

The memorial tribute to Hachiko Sakuma on his loyalty and legacy towards his owner. Ueno, continued even after his statues were mounted at different places in Tokyo. 

The station entrance closest to the statue of Hachiko was renamed Hachiko Gushi. Which means Hachiko entrance or exit in English, and one of the train lines of Shibuya Station was also named ‘The Hachiko’s Line.


Is Hachiko’s story based on actual events?

Yes, Hachiko’s story is a true and heartwarming tale of loyalty that unfolded in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Are there other famous loyal dogs like Hachiko? 

While many dogs showcase loyalty, Hachiko’s story stands out for its profound impact and worldwide recognition.

What happened to Hachiko after Professor Ueno’s passing?

Hachiko continued to wait for his owner at Shibuya Station.

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