How To Make An Electric Golf Cart Faster

Many people use electric golf carts to travel on golf courses, in neighborhoods, and for work. They are popular and environmentally friendly. 

Some people want to make them go faster for a more exciting ride. This article describes some crucial steps or factors to make your golf cart faster.

Note: Before changing its speed, remember that it might void warranties and break the rules. Always check with the manufacturer and local authorities before making any modifications.

Steps to Make Your Golf Cart Faster

Most new and used golf carts are made to go a top speed of around 15 miles per hour.

Typically, it has a faster speed of about 15 miles per hour. Consider these essential factors or points to go faster than this.

Understand the Legalities

Before you try to make it go faster, know the speed rules where you live.

Each place has its own rules for changing golf carts. If you break these rules, you could get punished or face legal issues.


The motor is a critical component influencing speed. Upgrading to a more powerful motor can significantly enhance its performance. Talk to professionals or the manufacturer to find a motor for your golf cart.

Update the Controller

The controller manages the power delivery to the motor. You can use a better controller with more power to make the car go faster. However, you should make this change carefully to avoid harming the motor or other parts.

Upgrade the Batteries

When you install high-performance batteries, the motor gets more power. It makes the motor go faster and perform better overall. You can use lithium-ion batteries as they are lighter and have extra energy than lead-acid batteries.

Modify the Gear Ratio

Altering the gear ratio can improve the cart’s efficiency and speed. However, this modification requires technical expertise, and improper adjustments may damage the cart. To modify your vehicle safely and effectively, consult professionals or experienced mechanics.

Enhance Aerodynamics

Improving the aerodynamics of your golf cart can also contribute to increased speed. Consider adding a windshield or modifying existing structures to reduce air resistance. While it may not make you go much faster, it can make your ride smoother and quicker.

Upgrade Tires and Wheels

High-performance tires and lightweight alloy wheels can reduce rolling resistance and enhance speed. Ensure that the chosen tires suit your specific golf cart model and the surfaces you intend to drive.

Install a Speed Chip

Some electric golf carts come with speed-limiting devices installed by the manufacturer. If you install a speed chip correctly, it can unlock more speed and override limitations. However, when making this change, you should avoid harming the motor or other parts.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your golf cart in top condition through regular maintenance is crucial. Please ensure that all components are functioning correctly and address any issues promptly. Regular maintenance improves its performance and extends its lifespan.

To make your electric golf cart more enjoyable, prioritize safety, follow regulations, and maintain proper upkeep. 

Consult experts, follow instructions, and know the rules before modifying. If you plan and consider, you can have a faster and more exciting time in an electric golf cart.



Is it possible to increase the speed of an electric golf cart?

Yes, you can increase the speed of an electric golf cart through various modifications. Standard methods are upgrading the motor, controller, and batteries, adjusting the gear ratio, and installing a speed chip.
However, it’s essential to check local regulations and manufacturer guidelines and consider potential warranty implications.

Do bigger tires make a golf cart faster?

In some cases, larger tires can contribute to an increase in speed for a golf cart. Bigger tires result in a higher overall gear ratio, leading to a faster wheel rotation. This effect might not be significant. 
Other factors, like the vehicle’s powertrain and controller, also matter for speed. Additionally, modifying tire size may impact the accuracy of speedometer readings. Before modifying your golf cart, review the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations.

Can you add an extra battery to a golf cart?

It’s common to add an extra battery to a golf cart to improve its performance. This modification increases its range and power. This modification is often called “upgrading to a higher voltage system. 
Ensure the current system works with the extra battery and the battery pack is balanced. Speak with the golf cart manufacturer or a technician to ensure your changes are safe and work well.
Before altering the electrical system, consult the manufacturer for guidance. It will help you avoid voiding any warranties.

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