World Cup 2023: The threat to India to blowup stadium and to kill Indian Prime Minister:

Terrorism is one of the intense problems which are facing across the globe. According to the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) analysis, terrorism has impacted 163 countries, which cover 99.7%  of the world population. 

A few noteworthy nations confronting terrorism are Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Mali, Iraq, and India. If they deny the requirements, India has threatened to blow up the Narendra Modi Stadium, where The ICC World Cup 2023 for Men is going.

In this article, we briefly give you the details about how Indian police got this threat, did they detected the origin of this threat, and who gave the news to India Police about this terrorist attack. 

Whether this threat was legit, or whether someone just did this for fun, what security measures India has taken after getting this threat, is safe to play matches after this threat, and everything you want to know about this terrorist threat.

Who received the Terrorist threat to blow up Narendra Modi Stadium and the Prime Minister?

On a Thursday night, The National Investigation Agency (NIC) got a terrorist attack threat to blow up the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmadabad and kill the Prime Minister of India. 

If they didn’t agree to their requirements. NIC told about this threat to Indian Police or authorities.

What NIC initiated in the email while telling about this threat to India?

The email was received from the NIC, who also alerted all the other agencies; they wrote in their mail that they received the threatening attack email to kill the PM and blow up the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmadabad. 

It appears that the message has come from Europe, the police official was cited as saying in the report. “We also received the email ID from which the NIA and are trying to trace that as well,” the report stated.

It is also stated that this email tends to be mischievous behavior of someone just for fun. However, the Hindustan Times reported that India thoroughly increased the security of the World Cup, as they also checked the security measures for the matches.

What is initiated in the email that NIC received?

The threatened email that NIC received:

We will blow up the Narendra Modi Stadium  Ahmadabad, where the World Cup is held, and kill the prime minister of India If they cannot pay us 500 crore and do not release Lawrence Bishnoi.”Everything is sold in Hindustan, so we bought something. No matter how secure you are, you cannot be secure from us. If you need to converse, do so in this e-mail.”

What security measures did India take after the terrorist threat?

After the terrorist threat, the Indian government strengthened its security at the Narendra Modi Stadium and the surrounding area and continuously monitored it. Well also deployed four thousand police officers so the viewers and the players could play and watch the matches safely

India got the threat from the European region through the email first received by the National Investigation Agency. They alerted the Indian association and other agencies about that they got the email in which it was initiated that if the Indian government did not pay them 500 crores and release Lawrence Bishnoi, they would kill Prime Minister India as well blow up the Narendra Modi Stadium. Now, they trace the ID of the email, and some report that it is just the mischievous behavior of someone from a foreign country. However, after getting his threat, India enhanced their security, alerted the surrounding areas of the Stadium, and increased the number of police officers.  



Is it safe to watch the World Cup in the Stadium?

After getting the terrorist threat of blowing up the Stadium and killing the PM of India, The Indian Government increased its security level. It alerted the stadium surroundings, and the intelligence continuously monitored the security measures. So, it seems safe to go and watch the match live from the Stadium.

From where did the email threatening to India originate?

The National Investigation Agency received the email in the middle of Thursday, alerting the Indian association and other agencies. After the investigation of this email, it is reported that it originated from the European region or it seems to be the mischievous behavior of someone.

Where is Lawrence Bishnoi’s prisoner right now?

Lawrence Bishnoi is a notorious gangster, and recently, through an email that originated from the European region, they demanded to release him; otherwise, they would kill the PM and blow up the stadium where the World Cup match is organized, and right now he is a prisoner in the Mandoli Jail in Delhi, according to the Hindustan Times Report.

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