Top 4 platforms for poets and writers jobs where you earn 100$ monthly

Are you passionate about writing and poetry and want to convert your passion into a career that will generate a passive income stream? As a beginner, or even if you are a professional poet or writer, it doesn’t seem easy to find high-ticket clients on the internet long-term. 

So, we came up with the top 4 best websites for poets and writers from which you can start, even if you are a beginner. The first thing to remember is that you have some writing or poetry samples to showcase your work and expertise to the client. 

As a poet, you can compile the poetry that you have written and show it to your target client. On the other hand, if you are a beginner writer and are thinking, Where can I get writing samples if I don’t have any experience? 

But don’t worry; alongside the best online poet and writer jobs website, we will also enlighten you on how you can create writing samples and build your portfolio without any experience. So, let’s explore this article to get your first-ever online poetry and writing job.

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Steps to create a writing portfolio, and why is it important?

Becoming a successful writer or getting your first job or client depends on how much experience

you have. But if you don’t have experience, how can you start? If you are thinking about this, You can create your writing sample portfolio by just following these steps:

  • You have to choose your niche—tech, lifestyle, travel, e-commerce, real estate, etc. You have to understand in which place you are perfect.
  • After knowing your niche, go to and type your place in the search bar. You can choose your target country and preferred language, and they will provide you with all the queries people are searching for on the internet in that niche, along with the search volume and CPC. For example, in the Video below:
  • Now you can find a topic here and write about it.

Pro Tip: 

You have to write two or three articles in your preferred niche. In that way, you can show your expertise in diverse areas, which will help you get a better job even as a beginner. 

You can make a portfolio of these samples on Google Drive by creating a folder with that niche name and putting your writing samples according to the category. 

Now, you have a writing portfolio without any experience, and you can also share it with your target clients or companies with a shareable drive link. 

The Top 4 Best Websites for Writers:

Here are the top 4 best websites for writers from which you can get full-time and part-time jobs and clients that will pay you per project or hourly.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. LinkedIn
  4. FlexJobs


Upwork is a popular freelance marketplace, boasting 5 million clients and 18 million freelancers. They offer various niches and categories, providing opportunities for individuals to showcase their skills and earn money through the platform. 

Upwork also has an extensive category dedicated to writers. Upwork makes it challenging for beginners to land their first client due to the high competition on this platform.

But thousands of job posts are uploaded on Upwork daily, and the typical rate on Upwork per project is $5 to $10,000. So, you can bid on the job posting and search for jobs based on your preferences using the search bar.

You can also create a project catalog and sell your writing services.

Pros of Upwork:

  • It has no cost to start. 
  • There are high-paying jobs; at least, there are jobs that pay $50 per hour.
  • Secure and fast payment method

Cons of Upwork:

  • Getting your first client as a beginner is highly competitive and challenging.


Fiverr is also a renowned freelance marketplace, like Upwork. There are lots of subcategories in the writing niche.

You can sell your services here by creating a gig, and the Fiverr algorithm will automatically match your gig when clients put their requirements in.

Pros of Fiverr:

  • It allows its users to get an early payout. 
  • Easy-to-use interface

Cons of Fiverr:

  • Fiverr charges 20% of your earnings. 


LinkedIn is like a copy of Facebook, but here you will find all the professionals and the leading companies from small to large sectors. You can create a profile here and connect with the recruiter by seeding the connection request. 

This is a game-changing platform that is ideal for both beginners and professionals. Moreover, there is a job board where you can see all the recent jobs worldwide and search for jobs from the bar. You can turn on the alerts and get emails in your job category.

Pros of LinkedIn:

  • It helps you expand your network.
  • The best platform to build and strengthen your brand

Cons of LinkedIn:

  • It is challenging to get noticed on LinkedIn.


FlexJobs is an online job board. It offers outstanding job opportunities, including remote, freelance, full-time, and part-time positions, with renowned companies and agencies posting their openings on the platform. 

FlexJobs offers a legitimate way to explore various job options. You can join by signing up for a membership plan starting at just $2.95 to access its services.

Pros of flex jobs: 

  • It has no fee on your earnings
  • There are countless legit and verified jobs, so you don’t have to worry about scammers.

Cons of flex jobs:

  • There needs to be a payment process on the website. 

The Top 4 Best Websites for Poets:

Here is the list of the top 4 best websites for poets, from which they can sell their poetry and generate passive income.

  1. Strange Horizons
  2. The American Journal of Nursing
  3. Poetry Foundation
  4. Alaska Quarterly Review

Strange Horizons:

Strange Horizons is the best option for the poet job. There is no charge for submitting your poetry. It is one of the most renowned magazines that covers non-fiction, fantasy, and nursing. Strange Horizons responds within four weeks after submitting.


  • Strange Horizons pays 50 dollars per poem. 

The American Journal of Nursing:

The American Journal of Nursing is a very famous and legitimate website for publishing poetry in different categories, including health care and nursing. You can also submit your poetry here and get a quality amount per poem, as there is no cost to submit your poetry.


  • The American Journal of Nursing pays 150 dollars per poem.

Poetry Foundation:

The Poetry Foundation is an American literary society. It promotes lyricism and poetry. Millions of publishers publish their poetry every month. Admission to the Poetry Foundation is free of charge. 


  • It pays 10 dollars per line, so that you can earn up to 150 dollars per page. The minimum payout is $300.

Alaska Quarterly Review:

The Alaska Quarterly Review is a journal. It is one of the leading voices that promotes short plays, poetry, art, and prose. If you are looking to submit your poetry and want to make a reputable name as a poet in the market, Alaska Quarterly Review is the best choice. 


  • Alaska’s pay rate is between 3 and 50 dollars for each poem.

Poetry and writing are excellent and well-paid career options. After going through this article, you can get an overview of how to build a portfolio without any experience. 

We also include some of the best websites for poets and writers from which you can get your first job or client, as these platforms are legit and have millions of current users. 

In the beginning, everything seems difficult or impossible, but to become a successful writer, you must be consistent and do a lot of hard work, as hard work never pays off.



Are there any jobs for writers?

There are many jobs on the internet associated with writers, such as freelance writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, reporters, and grant writers. These options are in high demand, and you can also start your freelance journey by choosing from them.

Did I make $1,000 a month from freelance writing?

 By practicing and sharpening your skills occasionally, according to market demand. You can earn even $1,000 monthly passive income by creating high-quality content for different social media platforms.

Did I sell my poems online?

In today’s fast-paced world, nothing is impossible. You can generate a decent amount by sharing your poetry online, as many websites and publications are looking for great poets, as we mentioned in our article.

What do poets study?

There is no specific study for poets, but most poets hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in English literature. 

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