Unbeatable RGB PC case that makes your PC more Astonishing

While building the PC, we pay attention to its parts, which are also important, but think when you spend thousands of dollars building a high-intent PC for professional use or gamers

It does not look in the way you are looking for and doesn’t look classy and elegant at first glance just because it seems that you just filled up or rushed the case with the components; that is why the case is also one of the primary factors to consider. 

In this article, we compile some of the best RGB PC cases that boost the overall look of the PC case and even manage the essential components of the PC efficiently.

Top 5 best RGB PC case

Here, we gather the top five best RGB PC cases that not only enhance the presence of your PC but also give all the essential key features that help to protect your PC from dust and overheating, which helps to run your PC smoothly.

Corsair 3000D RGB Airflow Mid-Tower PC Case 


Brand  Corsair
Review4.8 out of 5 from 13,531
Seller Rank#321 in Computer Cases
Case TypeMid Tower
Recommended for useGaming
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Light ColorRGB
Item Weight7.3 Kilograms
Item Dimensions18.19 x 9.06 x 18.35 inches
Number of USB 3 Ports2
Model NumberCC-9011255-WW
Origin China
Date First Available July 20, 2023

Corsair 3000D is a mid-tower RGB airflow PC case with three 120mm fans. It has three slots for GPU and has a high cooling airflow. 


A mid-tower ATX case that combines high airflow with striking aesthetics and includes three pre-installed CORSAIR AR120 RGB fans for superior cooling and bright lighting.

GPU Cooling

Support the latest graphics cards with two added 120mm fans on the PSU sheet to mount the fans for direct airflow to the GPU.


A roomy interior accommodates up to eight 120mm or four 140mm cooling fans and multiple radiators, including a 360mm in front and a 280mm in the roof (dependent on RAM height).

Quad Slots

Install a four-slot graphics card up to 360mm in length for a high-end, high-performance system with ease.


The optimized steel front panel provides massive airflow to your system for maximum cooling.


  • It has a built-in sleek design
  • It has high-quality airflow


  • The glass panel is too light as it may break if you don’t use it carefully.

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB Gaming Case


Review4.5 out of 5 from 10,446
Seller Rank#849 in Computer Cases
Model Number‎CC-9011166-WW
Motherboard CompatibilityATX
Case TypeMidi-Tower
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Item Weight14 Pounds
Item Dimensions17.32 x 8.27 x 17.72 inches
Hard Disk Form Factor3.5 Inches
Fan Count 
Number of processors32

The Corsair Carbide Series is the mid-tower ATX gaming case. It has a tempered glass panel. It is Rgb-led fans. The tempered side panel displays the aesthetic version of your PC. 


The Spec-delta RGB front panel features dark, angular highlights that become transparent when backlit, giving you a unique system view.


The front panel’s inlaid mesh ensures adequate airflow to keep your system cool.


There is space for a 360mm radiator in the front, a 240mm radiator on top, and a 120mm radiator in the back.

RGB Fans

Light up your system with three RGB fans, each with six configurable RGB LEDs controlled by ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI-based software.


 You can hide your power supply and cables from view, making clean builds easier.


  • Aesthetic design
  • It is spacious


  • Cable management could be better.

CORSAIR iCUE 4000X RGB Tempered Glass ATX PC Case 



Review4.7 out of 5 from  7,661 ratings
Seller Rank#96 in Computer Cases
Motherboard CompatabilityATX
Case TypeMidi-Tower
Recommended UsesGaming
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Model Name iCUE 4000X RGB
Light ColorRGB
Fan Size120 Millimeters
Memory Type‎DIMM
Batteries1 Lithium Ion battery is required
Date First Available‎September 15, 2020
Wireless Type‎802.11a

The Corsair iCUE 4000x is a tempered glass mid-tower ATX PC case with three RGB fans, high airflow, and a Lighting Node Core controller.


Choose the 4000X RGB for a one-of-a-kind high-performance PC with stylish tempered glass, customizable RGB lighting, innovative cable management, and concentrated airflow.

RGB lighting

You can show off your components and RGB lighting with tempered glass side, front panels, and dedicated front ventilation channels for ample airflow.

Cable Management

The CORSAIR RapidRoute cable management system makes it simple and quick to build a pristine, professional-looking system with major cables neatly routed through a single channel and a generous 25mm of space behind the motherboard for all of your cables.

RGB Fans

It has 3 CORSAIR 120mm AirGuide RGB fans with anti-vortex vanes to concentrate airflow and improve cooling. Each fan has eight individually addressable RGB LEDs for brilliant, customizable lighting.


With the included iCUE Lighting Node CORE and CORSAIR iCUE software, you can fully control and synchronize the RGB lighting for up to 6 fans.


  • It has a catchy design
  • It has a great cable management option


  • Difficult to use

AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side Window


Review4.3 out of 5 from  6,336 ratings
Seller Rank#193 in Computer Cases
Motherboard CompatibilityATX
Case TypeMid Tower
MaterialAlloy Steel, Acrylic
Cooling MethodAir
Model NameCylon RGB
Number of Expansion Slots7
Number of USB 2 Ports2
Item Weight‎9.98 pounds
Product Dimensions 20 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches
Date First Available ‎February 28, 2018

AeroCool Cylon is an RGB mid-tower acrylic side window PC case that supports liquid cooling and has a dust filter.


The Aero Cool Cylon is the mid-tower case with a full Acrylic Side Window and RGB Ready. The front panel has an elegant backslash LED with 13 lighting modes. Six RGB flow lighting modes are available. It has seven distinct color modes.

Liquid Cooling

In the front panel is a 240mm radiator. Air cooling is supported with a 120mm fan to improve cooling performance. High-end graphics cards up to 371mm are supported.


Two 120mm fans provide superior VGA cooling performance. SD or microSD memory card is supported. Design with two chambers for better ventilation

Dust Filter

It has a removable PSU dust filter for easy cleaning. The thickness of the steel is 0.5mm. ATX/micro ATX/mini-ITX motherboards are available. Front Liquid Cooling: 240mm Radiator (Optional)


  • It has incredible cable management
  • The RGB LED panel is aesthetically designed.


  • You can not turn off the RGB light from the front.

Thermaltake V250 Motherboard Sync ARGB ATX Case


Review4.5 out of 5 from  2,142 ratings
Seller Rank#227 in Computer Cases
Motherboard CompatibilityATX
Case TypeMid Tower
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodAir
Item Weight3.3 Pounds
Item Dimensions21.42 x 20.12 x 11.1 inches
Number of USB 2 Ports2
Number of USB 3 Ports1
Model Number‎CA-1Q5-00M1WN-00
Voltage5 Volts
Date First AvailableFebruary 13, 2020

The Thermaltake V250 is the ARGB ATX mid-tower case with RGB fans and a pre-installed rear fan, which is specially designed for gaming; it has 27 LED modes. 

Built-in design

Light up your system or PC with a 3 120mm 5V Motherboard. Sync ARGB fans are pre-installed (Sync with ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, and Biostar with a 5V addressable RGB header).


Light can be controlled via the I/O port button (27 LED modes/7 Colors) or the 5V ARGB Sync motherboard RBG software.

Wave mode/Flow mode/ RGB lighting (single color) / Radar mode (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan Blue, White Purple) / Breath mode (8 Colors) / Full Lighted mode/ Single Color mode (7 Colors) / Light Off.


A tempered glass side panel 4 millimeters thick with a standard mounting gives a clear view for PC gaming.


The full-length PSU cover gives the maximum space for managing cable cleanly while maintaining adequate airflow for your hard drives and power supply.


  • It comes with three RGB fans
  • It has too much space even for a massive GPU.


  • It has an acrylic front panel.

There are a lot of factors to consider while buying an RGP PC case, as it gives your PC case a clear and clean view, and the RGB lighting enhances the look of the PC and gives it. 

Such a unique and fabulous look, this article gives you a brief overview of the RGB case with its key features, as well from all of them our top pick is the Corsair iCUE 4000x as along with its glass tempered astonished design. 

It has three RGB fans for better workflow as you can control the lights with the Nde Code Controller, and has a neat cable management routing option. 

~Buying Guide


Is CORSAIR high quality?

Corsair made such high-quality PC components or cases for the intended PC. Its cases have a spacious interior and the best quality RGB airflow; it also comes with pre-installed fans and has a unique and sleek design.

Is the Corsair spec Delta good for airflow?

The Corsair spec Delta is one of the excellent cases for airflow as its front panel ensures ample airflow and has three RGB fans, which help to protect the PC component by keeping it cool.

What fans are in the Corsair Spec Delta?

Three fans are included in the Corsair Spec Delta: 120mm at the front panel and 120mm at the rear of the case.

What is the maximum GPU length for Thermaltake V250?

The maximum length of the GPU for Thermaltake V250 is 320mm, and the power supply length is up to 200 mm.

Does AeroCool have RGB software?

The AeroCool gives access to up to seven million colors with the RGB software, allowing users to give their PC a cool aesthetic look.

Does the CORSAIR iCUE 4000X RGB have good airflow?

The Corsair iCUE 4000X has three pre-installed fans of 120mm and has air-guided technology that enhances the airflow and gives effective cooling.

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