Top 5 Roleplay AI Chat bots in 2023 and How it Works

The roleplay chatbot is one of the most significant innovations. It allows its users to experience human-like conversation from the perspective of the different scenarios given, whether for learning purposes or some fun. 

Nowadays, there are various chatbots with such amazing features, and after reviewing and testing them, we picked the top 5 roleplay AI chatbots, which we will discuss in this article.

What is a roleplay AI chat bot?

The roleplay AI chatbots allow the user to communicate with the virtual partner or character. Artificial Intelligence develops these chatbots and works on the personas of different life scenarios according to how humans act. 

Top 5 Roleplay AI Chat Bots according to 2023:

Finding the best AI chatbot with remarkable features among the diverse range of roleplay chatbots is difficult. 

So, after researching and reviewing different AI tools here, we came up with the top 5 roleplay AI chatbots with a user guide for your specific needs, pricing, and features.

  1. Kuki 
  2. Character 
  3. Kajiwoto 
  4. Tavern 
  5. Cleverbot 

1: Kuki AI:

Kuki AI is an award-winning AI brain designed to entertain humans with 25 million human chatters. Kuki entertains its users with its attractive personality. 

Also, it has a great range of niches, as it works like a Google or Apple assistant, and you can chat about music, movies, and whatever you want, as well as do video calls through Discord.

How the Kuki chatbot works:

  • Go to an account in your browser, like the picture that is given below: 
  • Here, you see the Create Account option on this page. Now, sign up according to your preference using the given sign-up method. Moreover, you can create an account with the help of text messages.
  • After signing up, this interface will come up on the screen, where the Kuki chatbot gives an introduction about herself. 
  • And you can chat with her on any topic in any niche. For example, we can ask this chatbot what AI is.
  • The Kuki chatbot gives a reply within a second. Just have a look at its response.


  • It is rich in features
  • It gives a human-like conversation. 


  • It is not available in the StorePlay Store.
The shared service plan of Kuki starts at $75 per monthThe added chat interaction plans of Kuki start from 0.001$ eachThe monthly plan starts at $1500.
~Pricing Plan

2: Character AI:

Character AI  is an incredible innovation with many categories, including historical, fictional, and celebrity figures. 

It gives you access to make the character and even chat with them, and you can also give feedback for improvement. This chat gives you that experience with a fictional character from books and movies.

How does a character chatbot work?

After landing on the character roleplay chatbot, you will see plenty of options on this page.

By clicking on the Home button in the left corner, different niches pop up where you can pick your favorite character from a diversity of ranges. 

Including from movie characters to game characters and from famous people to Animal characters. There is also a category of language learning in which you can learn different languages of your choice.

By scrolling down the home page, you will see plenty of options, including practicing the language, interviewing, planning a trip, and AI writing a story. 

Brainstorming ideas, and playing a game and using it to make decisions or book recommendations, as shown in the image.

There is a create option on the left side below the home section, where you can create a character of your own choice and create a room where you chat with different characters simultaneously, giving you the group chat experience.

Below the create option is a chat option from which you can see the chat history of your account. After that, there is a community option where you can join the communities of your choice and interact with people with the same interests. 


  • The user can create an AI chatbot
  • Gives the experience of conversational AI
  • It supports text-to-speech
  • Given the access group chat, you can talk with more than one character at once


  • The new updates may impact the character’s behavior.
The user can access it for free, but if you want to do more stuff, you want to pay.4.99 dollars per month  29.99$ per year for characters plus
~Pricing Plan

3: Kajiwoto AI:

Kajiwoto AI is an ingenious chatbot. That gives you the experience of creating their personalized character and interacting with them. 

The user can create a group or private chat and engage with their personalized AI, which they can train with their own data set.

The Kajiwoto AI is ideal for those who are fans of games and anime and want to chat with their favorite gaming character.

How does Kajiwoto chatbot work?

  • Once you create your kajiwoto account, you can bring it to your Discord server by inviting the new kajiwoto. If you want to avoid creating a kajiwoto of your own, You can use one created by others.
  • Afterward, you can bring your favorite character to Discord and chat with them using the Slash C command. Here, you and your friend talk about anything.
  • You can install the dataset, use the personality selector in the app, and get more characters according to your choice.
  • Like in the image above, you can roleplay by typing a star at the beginning and end of the messages and having fun with your friends. 

How to add Kajiwoto to the Discord server: 

  • Go to the Kajiwoto website
  • Click the purple Discord icon button.
  • Then, choose the server to add the Kajiwoto.
  • Then, make sure to checkmark all the options so the chatbot works properly.
  • The kajiwoto adds to the Discord by clicking the authorize button, and the welcome screen appears.


  • It allows users to develop and progress their characters
  • It allows the user to create AI voices for their characters


  • Limited characters
Kajiwoto offers a free planyou can access its premium program, which starts at $7.32 per month.
~Pricing plan

4: Tavern AI:

Tavern AI gives a wide range of options to choose characters, just like you can choose the characters of famous people from the games and even create their character or adventure.

How do I install and set up Tavern Chatbot? 

To install the Tavern roleplay chatbot, go to TAVERN AI COLLAB, and the collab notebook will open in the browser like the picture given below. 

There is a model or provider option. Click on it and select the model (choose the Nerybus 6b) and provider (choose Cloudflare), and then press the button that is pointed with the arrow. It will take 5-6 minutes to load all the models. 

After completing the analysis, the Tavern link is provided at the end when you scroll down the page. You have to copy the code from here and then go to the given link. 

Then, you paste the code you have copied in the box shown in the image and click submit. 

After a few moments of initializing, Tarven will be installed, and it will take you to the character library, from where you can choose your favorite character or create your own


  • It offers group chats 
  • Multi-purpose usage( used for customer services and learning)


  • It does not support all languages.
Tavern AI is a completely free tool. So anyone can access it free of charge.
~Pricing plan

5: Cleverbot AI:

Cleverbot AI is also a great chatbot, and the reason that makes it popular is that this chatbot has a vast knowledge base and plenty of topics, such as pop culture and philosophy. 

The chatbot responds accurately according to the user input by using the last interaction of the user. 

How does Cleverbot work? 

Go to the Cleverbot official website and understand and agree to the terms and conditions.

Then, this screen will appear, shown below, and you can ask anything from this chatbot by typing in the box, as this chatbot has a diverse range of knowledge.


  • It supports multiple languages 
  • Fast response time


  • There is no option for customization.
The basic plan of the Tavern chatbot is freecharges $10 for API access monthly.
~Pricing Plan

A current immersive invention is the roleplay chatbot. It enables smooth, creative interaction from the user. Because of this, these chatbots have become quite popular with people who value social contact and personal development. The roleplay chatbot enables users to envision several personas.


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