Shammarah Mcpherson Journey- Shammarah’s friend told the incident in the news to no one Knows

In this world, everyone forgets about their life’s purpose, indulges in themselves, and doesn’t even want to know about social problems. Shammarah McPherson sets an example for human rights, as she proves herself as a social worker.

Shammarah’s dedication led her to a challenging life, but she never moved back and raised her voice against social issues. 

Shammarah also worked with many organizations. Her life is a hope for many people as her voice against social violence significantly affects her surroundings.

So, let’s delve into this article and enlighten the life of Shammarah.

Life Story of Shammarah McPherson:

Shammarah Mcpherson was a 26-year-old lady. She was born on 8th March 1997 in Philadelphia. Mx was born in a family where everyone values the power of education, and She also wants to use this power to make this world more peaceful for everyone.

That is why she completed her early education in psychology to understand human philosophy and problems.

Shammarah McPherson had three children: her mother is Khadija, and her father is Philadelphia. They migrated from Guyana.

Shammarah’s Education:

She has been very creative since childhood, so she enrolled in John Bartram High School and joined the music team. Due to her creativity, she became a member of the National Honor Society in 2015.

Besides her creativity, Shammarah wanted to do something against social issues. After knowing her interest in overcoming social problems, she graduated in Criminal Justice from Temple University and got a diploma in 2021.

The Career of Shammarh McPherson: 

Shammarah McPherson had a spark to protect and save people, which is why, after completing her graduation, she got a job as a security guard. While doing this job, she got more interest in law enforcement.

So she started to learn more about becoming a police officer and then started working for civil rights. Also, she worked with different organizations and helped hundreds of people through these organizations. 

Her dedication and approach made a noticeable impact on her surroundings and were appreciated by different organizations.

Leading Voice:

For the many people struggling with societal issues, racial inequity, and gender identity, Shmmarah is the primary voice. 

She connects with their issue and shines a light on these individuals’ lives to assist them by enabling them through her mental development program to realize how they may improve their own lives, positively influence their surroundings, and approach these individuals. 

She leads her work on a larger scale by joining areas like racial justice, environmental sustainability, and LGBTQ+ issues.

The challenge faced by Shammarah McPherson: 

Shammarah McPherson started to work for women’s rights, so she faced many problems and challenges throughout her journey. She got so many threats that she had to stop her campaign for human rights, but she went through her path without worrying about anyone and positively impacted the lives of people who barely needed this support. 

Shammarah is a real-life hero as she is also aware of personal growth and a positive mindset and how important mental health is in every aspect. She mostly said that external peace only comes with your inner transformation; your positive attitude and mental strength make a big difference in a peaceful life.

Founder of Youth Leadership Academy:

Shammarah McPherson founded Youth Leadership Academy, which is in South Los Angeles. Shmmarah believes they must work with their young generation to strengthen their country’s trade. 

She is also aware of the young generation’s crises and wants to guide them, so she started this academy. 

She wants to encourage the youth through her six-week plan through management training, leadership improvement, network organizing, social trades, and self-development.

Artistic Journey of Shammarh:

Shammarah is very intelligent and creative; she loves to play with colors and canvas to demonstrate the emotions of life through her artwork at an early age. 

By blending fascinating contemporary and traditional concepts, she positively impacts people’s lives through her paintings, digital art, and sculpture.

Enlighten poverty through artwork:

Shammarach, who formerly lived in poverty, was nurtured in a middle-class family. She wants to be aware of the world and the individuals who strive in that condition and want to alter their lives to fulfill their aspirations and earn a better living when she is older. 

So, she started painting, and through her artwork, she enlightened people about the difficulties of the trauma faced in poverty and wanted to recognize and help them through her work.

Shammarah McPherson death controversy:

It was a Thursday night. Shammarah and her friend came from the gym after their late-night workout in their neighborhood in Philadelphia. But they had no idea it was not just a usual night.

On the way to their apartment, a white automobile passed them and parked near Lindley Street. Shammarah McPherson and her friend found something terrifying about the passenger of this car, and they just hurried to reach the building as soon as possible. 

Still, the car passenger came out, threatened the lady with the handguns, and tried to rob them. At that moment, She finds out they are in danger and unlocks her gun, which she had legally been allowed to carry. 

She took a brave step to protect themselves from the robber, and a gunfight happened during the fight; the robber shot Shammarah McPherson in her chest, and she instantly died. Her effort to save her friend is top-notch.

A Shammarah friend told the incident in the news:

The Shammarah McPherson friend who is with her at the tragic incident spot, whose name is Nasere Waldo, during his interview with Action News about the incident, told them.


In his interview with Action News concerning the incident, Waldo said it happened on Thursday after a late-night workout session at around 1:45 a.m. They noticed an adjoining white car as they sat at the crossing point of North 12th Road and Lindley Road in Logan. 

Hastily, they proceeded to walk towards their apartment complex along the sidewalk. From the car came two figures, one with their face hidden. This was confirmed by both Waldo and the authorities present.

Funeral of the Shammarah McPherson: 

Her funeral was on Friday, and everyone considered this Friday to be a Black Friday, where her undeniable efforts are honored by her family, friends, and loved ones. Shammarah’s death caused significant trauma to her community.

As the loss of Shammarah McPherson is always felt, it is complicated to fill out her absence as her service for human rights is undeniable, but she will always be alive in the hearts of many people. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who was Shammarah McPherson?

Shammarah McPherson is a 26-year-old young lady who has provoked her life against social issues and violence.

What did Shammarh do with her paintings?

Shammarah makes such a fantastic painting to portray the dark side of the people facing poverty and striving for social crises.

What did Shammarah McPherson do?

Shammarah is a person who has a spark to do for this world, which makes a positive impact on the lives of people and makes this world a better place for anyone.

That is why she worked with different organizations to help the needy. She also got a diploma in criminal justice just to solve the social issues from which the young generation passed.

She is also a founder of youth leadership, where she encourages people, empowers their strengths, and helps them to make a better life.

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