Pakistan Ex PM Imran Khan Arrested – Some Last Quotes before his Arrestment

On the order of the court, an order has been issued to arrest Imran Khan today. Imran Khan has been arrested in an illegal case. Those who sold the gift of the estate were sentenced to three years imprisonment and five years disqualification. The court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Imran Khan, he was arrested from his house in Zaman Park Lahore.

A few last words of Imran Khan before his arrest

Imran Khan has recorded a video from his release at Zaman Park and uploaded it on his TikTok official account. In he is requesting his followers to hold a peaceful protest

He addressed his followers and said by the time you find this video on the internet, I would have been arrested. Imran Khan requested all his followers that you guys come out of your homes and don’t sit quietly in their homes. I am not fighting for myself, I am fighting for all of you, I mean for my nation, for all of your children.

If you don’t stand up for your rights today, you will have to live the life of a slave. And slaves have no life. Slaves are on earth like ants. They do not fly in the skies. Ants work hard all their lives but someday they are trampled under the feet of a big man

Reason for the Existence of Pakistan

He explained some of the reasons for the existence of Pakistan:

  • Pakistan was the name of a very big dream.
  • there was only one slogan to become Pakistan. Which is لااِلٰہَالااللہ
  • Becoming Pakistan meant that we do not bow to any human being or any other creature except Allah
  • The purpose of Pakistan and its slogan free us from enslaving human beings and any creature.

State of Madinah Reminder by Imran Khan

State of Madina Reminder by Imran Khan

Imran Khan reminded his people of the state of Madinah, and told his people that the Holy Prophet (PBUH), had freed people from the slavery of man during the time of the state of Madinah. In the same way that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) freed his nation with his justice,

so you must be free with your justice, you must fight this war of justice.

You have to fight this freedom battle for your rights and your children’s rights. freedom is never handed to a nation on a plate. Then he recalled his words and said that “Break the chain just as it cannot be broken”.


Khan Sahib concluded his speech by telling his people that you people have to continue protestingpeacefully. Until you get your rights. Biggest fundamental to get rights iis voting means an election through which you can choose your own government. Neither should an occupation group occupy your country as it is currently sitting.

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