How to Use Sonic AI in 2023, Ultimate Review and Step By Step Guide

Are you a freelance writer, blogger, marketer, or content creator and want to take your business to the top-notch? So, regarding that situation, Sonic AI is a groundbreaking AI Writing Software that allows you to write tons of copies for different social media platforms, including Facebook ad copy, blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and many more, in an efficient way with just a few clicks. The writesonic runs on the Open AI’s API, so you can get the experience just like Chat GPT. So, let’s delve into the article to get an in-depth guide about writesonic.

What is Writesonic?

Sonic AI Review

Writesonic was introduced in 2020, and it is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps individuals and content creators create any type of content over the internet in just a few minutes. 

This tool allows you to simplify the process of creating, editing, proofreading, and publishing an SEO-optimized blog, article, landing page, website copy, YouTube script, product description, and advertisement copy. 

Writesonic primarily employs GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, as well as some unique magic and the new GPT-4 32K. To produce current and trustworthy content, Writesonic searches through vast amounts of internet data in addition to these potent LLMs (large language models). For a variety of content requirements, Writesonic is the go-to platform. 

For instance, Writesonic is designed to assist you in producing top-notch content for your articles, blogs, ads, marketing materials, E-Commerce descriptions, social media posts, and website copy.

Features of Writesonic:

Writesonic has incredible 100-plus power pack features and a wide range of categories for writers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce businesses, including;

  • Article ideas, intros, and outlines
  • SEO meta tag
  • Content rephrase 
  • Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and ad copies
  • YouTube tile and description
  • Quora answer and product description
  • Keyword extractor
  • Review respondent
  • Company bios and real estate listing descriptions
  •  E-mail copies

Advanced feature of Writesonic:

Moreover, Writesonic introduced a new feature, which is Chatsonic, which has capabilities like Chat GPT and also has a Chrome extension. 

It is like a game-changing feature that turns text into mesmerizing art. You can search for anything with voice text, and it can detect your tone and emotion, unlike the Chat GPT. 

Pros of Writesonic:

  • Ability to select word quality
  • There are multiple features and a variety of tools
  • It is premium software, but you can use it free of charge without credit card details in a 14-day trial plan when you sign up for the first time.

Cons of Writesonic:

  • It is a little bit pricey for a personal user

Pricing plan: 

Writesonic has come up with four plans, which are:

  1. Free Trial
  2. Unlimited Plan
  3. Business Plan
  4. Enterprise Plan
Free PlanUlimited PlanBusiness PlanEnterprise Plan
Free (0$)16$ 12.67$price according to your work criteria
Chatsonic: ChatGPT-like chatbotChatsonic: ChatGPT-like chatbot A large number of wordsSSO/SAML Login
It has 100+ AI TemplatesIt has 100+ AI TemplatesUnlock GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K.More Words/user/month
It has AI Article Writer 4.0The AI Article WriterAI Writer 5.0’s Factual and Customized Article Writer (Uses GPT-4 32K)More users
It has Browser ExtensionsBrowser Extensions5 Brand VoiceCustom AI model training
It has a 1-Click WordPress Export1-Click WordPress ExportHigher quality image generation and Upscaling feature ($33/month and above)Invoicing options
It has Zapier IntegrationZapier IntegrationAPI AccessDedicated account manager
It has a landing page generator.Landing Page GeneratorBulk ProcessingTraining sessions
It has Sonic Editor (Google Docs-like Editor)Sonic Editor (Google Docs-like Editor)Priority access to new featuresPremium support
It supports 25+ languages Complete Article RewriterPriority SupportCustom API Development
~Pricing Plan

How do I use WriteSonic’s step-by-step guide?

  • Go to the WriteSonic official website and click the signup button, which is on the right above the website, and this interface will appear, as shown in the below image.
  • Sign in to your account if you already have one. But if you don’t have one, you can sign up with your full name, business email, password, or otp
  • Verify your account by copying and pasting the verification code that is sent to your email into the bar, like in the image below.
  • Then the interface will appear on the screen, which is shown in the below image. From here, you can access plenty of options from a diverse range of niches, from writing an article to creating a human-like voice from a text to making your marketing funnel to creating a chatbot like Chat GPT without any coding skills.
  • Now I will show you the complete tutorial on how to use Writesonic step by step in the below video.

Video tutorial:

Tutorial About How to Use Sonic AI| Best AI Content Platform for Realistic Images and Ar

Rating of Writesonic:

The WriteSonic AI writing software has such a miserable rating and review. 

On Trustpilot, the writing program has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Rating on Trust Pilot

The writing software writesonic has a 4.8 rating out of 5 on  Capterra

Rating on Capterra

The Writer’s Sonic AI is such a wonderful tool that it is highly recommended for any individual who wants to automate their workstream and boost their productivity.

The AI software, Writesonic, emerges as a potent tool, offering the potential to revolutionize your approach to content creation With its sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, it boasts the ability to generate top-tier articles and blog posts within minutes. 

Whether you are a professional writer seeking enhanced workflow efficiency or a business owner in search of captivating content, Writesonic has got you covered. Its user-friendly interface and valuable features ensure easy usability, even for individuals with limited technical know-how. Give Writesonic a try today and witness firsthand the transformative power of AI-powered writing.

~Final Thoughts


Is WriteSonic safe to use?

Writesonic is completely safe and secure to use. It has such a strict privacy policy, in which it mentions it provides such a secure environment as its security program aligns with AICPA Trust Services Principles 

Is Writesonic good for SEO?

Writesonic is such a great tool from the perspective of SEO, as it allows users to identify keywords and topics, and you can also provide your reference article to create a highly compelling SEO-based article within a few clicks

Is Writesonic entirely free?

Writesonic offers a 14-day free trial without any credit card details once you sign up, during which you will access all the premium features to understand which plan is suitable for you, as it offers three more plans. The first one is unlimited, which starts at 16 dollars per month; the second is business, which starts at 12.67 dollars per month; and the third is enterprise, which is a custom plan, and for its pricing, you have to contact the sales owner

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