Top-Notch 5 Unique PC Cases You Should Buy in 2023 

Do you want to build a PC for gaming or professional purposes simultaneously and want unique, aesthetic, and quality features? So, this article is for you. 

After thoroughly reviewing and testing, we gather some of the best and most unique shapes of PCs while considering features like high airflow, RGB lighting, cooling, and customizable. So, let’s delve into this article and check out some of the best unique cases or chassis for PCS.

Top five unique cases for PCs

Here is the list of some unique cases and the best features that will compile with your needs.

Corsair 3000D Airflow Mid-Tower unique PC Case in black


Brand Corsair
Review 4.8 out of 5
Seller Rank #21 in Computer Cases
Case Type Mid-Tower
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Color Black
Material Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Air
Item Weight 7.3 Kilograms
Item Dimension 18.19 x 9.06 x 18.35 inches
Number of USB 3 Ports 2
Total USB Ports 2
Model Number Yes
Date first available 20 July 2023
Origin China

The Corsair 3000D has extreme airflow with air-guided technology. It supports the latest graphics card with dedicated GPU Cooling.


A roomy interior accommodates up to eight 120mm or four 140mm cooling fans and multiple radiators, including a 360mm in front and a 280mm in the roof (dependent on RAM height).

CORSAIR Air-Guided Technology

The two included SP120 ELITE fans are 24.7 dBA quiet and feature CORSAIR AirGuide technology, which increases static pressure and focuses the airflow for improved cooling.


Support the latest graphics cards by installing fans for direct airflow to the GPU via two new 120mm fan mounts on the PSU shroud.

Quad Slots

Install a four-slot graphics card up to 360mm in length for a high-end, high-performance system with ease.

Optimized front panel

An optimized steel front board conveys a gigantic wind stream to your framework for the most significant cooling.


  • Simple to set up
  • Cable management is way better than other cases


  • Complicated to work with

MSI MPG GUNGNIR 110R WHITE – Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case


Brand MSI
Motherboard Compatibility ATX
Case Type Mid Tower
Color White
Material Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Water, Air
Item Weight 7900 Grams
Item Dimensions 17 x 8.4 x 17.7 inches
Total USB Ports 2
Hard Disk Form Factor 3.5 Inches
Item model number ‎9B11-320-046
Origin China
First Available 17 March 2022
Customer Review 4.7 out of 5
Seller Rank #276 in Computer Cases

The MSI MPG GUNGIR 1100R White is a tempered side glass panel that is a premium mid-tower PC especially made for gaming with an aesthetic touch. It supports USB-type C, and you can customize the colors according to your choice.


Coordinate your modern taste with our same incredible MPG GUNGNIR 110R case, presently in white. Make your ARGB lights pop out more with your unused all-white construct.

Glass Side Panel

The sideboard comprises tempered glass that can exhibit the fans’ ARGB lighting and construction without hindrance.


Customize your colors with 4 ARGB 120mm fans, all backed by MSI Spiritualist Light.


The Insta-Light Circle button lets clients rapidly cycle through ARGB lighting impacts and color profiles.


Synergize the MPG GUNGNIR 110R WHITE with an MSI motherboard by bridging a USB Gen2 Type-C harbor with 10 Gbps for helpful get-to.


  • Aesthetic in design
  • Easy to work with
  • There are already four installed RGB fans


  • Utilizing a 360mm radiator limits room for control supply without expelling the drive cage

Thermaltake Tower 100 Black Edition


Manufacturer Thermaltake
Review 4.6 out of 5 from  1,664 ratings
Seller Rank #218 in Computer Cases
Motherboard Compatability Mini ITX
Case Type Mini-Tower
Color Black
Material Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Air
Model Name The Tower 100 Black
Item Weight 6100 Grams
Item Dimensions 10.47 x 10.47 x 18.22 inches
Number of Expansion Slots It has two slots
Origin China
Date first available11 January 2021

Thermaltake Tower 100 is a tempered glass mini tower computer chassis or cases. It supports mini ITX CA-1R3-00S1WN-00 and has a unique internal design. It also has a dust filter to protect it from dirt.


The Tower 100 Mini ITX Chassis is the scaled-down adaptation of our notorious case, the Tower 900. Three 4-millimeter thick tempered glass window boards at the front were cleared out and corrected.

Handy Port

It incorporates a convenient I/O port with two USB 3.0 and a type-C connector.


The Tower 100 underpins up to two 3.5’’ HDDs or four 2.5’’ SSD, incorporating two brackets for 2.5’’ SSD on the right side.

Dust Filter

Eight superfine channels on the right, cleared out, best, and at the bottom, are planned to supply great assurance against dirt and tidy from the case’s exterior and are effectively detachable for cleaning.


  • It has ridiculous space for any setup
  • A lot of space for cable management
  • Excellent ventilation


  • The base needs more fortifications

HYTE Y60 Computer Gaming Case White


Brand HYTE
Model Number CS-HYTE-Y60-BW
Motherboard Compatibility ATX
Origin China
Date first available 1 March 2022
Case Type Mid Tower
Color White
Material: Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Air
Item Weight 22 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 17.95 x 11.22 x 18.19 inches
Number of USB 2 Ports 2
Hard Disk Form Factor 3.5 Inches
Customer Review 4.8 out of 5
Seller Rank #31 in computer cases

The HYTE Y60 is a modern aesthetic tempered glass designed for mid-tower. It has a vertical GPU mounted with a riser cable and has pre-built fans.

Panoramic view

No corner pillar. The Y60 highlights a 3-piece all-encompassing tempered glass plan for the extreme photo and shows potential. See your construct as it was implied to be seen from the cleared-out or right side of your work area with a basic turn.

GPU Mounted

It has a mounted GPU card vertically.

Riser Cable

A protective riser cable canopy coordinated delightfully into the case, permitting half-height PCIE cards behind the position of authority of the vertical illustrations card. The defensive cover is the primary of its kind, made particularly for the Y60.

Floor Cooling

Dispose of hot spots by clearing horizontal vents from fans elegantly tucked into the storm cellar of the Y60.


  • It is pretty enough, even at full speed
  • It has unbeatable cable management storage


  • During installation, riser cables can get in the way.

Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass Gaming Computer Case


Manufacturer Thermaltake
Review 4.7 out of 5
Model NumberCA-1G4-00M1WN-06
Best Seller Rank #132 in computer cases
Hardware PlatformPC/Mac/Linux/Unix
Motherboard Compatibility ATX
Case Type Mid Tower
Color Black
Material Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Water
Item Weight 27 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.3 x 21.6 x 21.3 inches
Number of Expansion Slots8
Number of USB 2 Ports 1
Number of USB 3 Ports 2
Origin China
Date first available 13 March 2018

The Thermaltake Core P3 ATX is a tempered gaming computer case with a dismountable modular design, an open frame panoramic view, and a glass wall mounted with the riser cable. It supports mini and micro ATX.


The Corsair Core P3 ATX supports mini ITX, micro ATX, and ATX motherboards.


Build the system from the ground up using the provided modular panels, racks, brackets, and mounting arrays. It has an open view panoramic view with five-millimeter-thick tempered glass at the front. It has three placement layouts (wall mount, vertical, and horizontal placement).


The graphic processing unit(GPU) is mounted vertically with the one PCI E Riser cable.


When the motherboard ITX is applied, the PSU is mounted vertically.

Tt LCS Certified

The Thermaltake Core P3 ATX  has liquid cooling support compatible with extreme liquid cooling configuration.


  • Superb build quality and classy design
  • Great cooling


  • Difficult to understand the instructions
  • No extra space for cable management

Buying Guide

Here, we enlist some of the best unique PC cases enriched in features and designs. But if you want a reasonable budget as well, it has good reviews and gives you all the good features. 

So the Corsair 3000D air flow is one of them all, As it is one of the renowned companies for PC components. The Corsair 3000D is unique in design and has astonishing airflow as its interior accommodates up to four to eight fans and a radiator with Corsair air-guided technology. 

It has quad slots from where you can install four graphic cards easily and has an optimized front panel. So it is an excellent product to invest in as it has all the essential features, is pocket-friendly and has such a positive buying review.

Discovering an excellent quality and one-of-a-kind PC case with fundamental pocket-friendly highlights is pivotal. To guarantee this issue, we compile a few of the leading interesting PC cases from which you’ll rapidly construct your PC for gaming or proficient purposes. 

These PC cases are reasonable for both of them, and we deliver you the buyer guide, so if you’re still confounded about which one is best, you can check out our buyer direct for more help.



Does CORSAIR make gothe od cases?

Corsair manufactures excellent cases rich in features such as high-quality airflow, air-guided technology with GPU cooling, a quad slot with a sleek and aesthetic design, and a reasonable budget.

 Does the MSI MPG Gungnir 110R come with fans?

MPG GUNGNIR 110 Series is well prepared to supply the foremost compelling wind current for framework cooling. The MPG GUNGNIR 110 Series comes with four fans.

What is the maximum GPU size of the Gungnir 110r?

The design card can be up to 340 mm long and the control supply unit 250 mm, not to say the fan plate up to 170 mm. The 2 x 3.5″ (2.5″ consistent) and 2 x 2.5″ b ays will bolster your difficult drives without any issues.

What is the maximum GPU size for Thermaltake Tower 100?

The GPU size for Thermaltake Tower 100 has a GPU length limit of 330 mm, and the PSU length is 180 mm.

How many fans are in the Thermaltake Tower 100?

The Thermaltake Tower 100 has an exceptional cooling system, with two pre-built fans of 120mm.

How many fans can you put in Hyte Y60?

The Hyte Y60 supports one fan at the side of 2*12/140mm, one fan at the top of 3*120mm, and one rear 1x*120mm (1x 120mm, 1300 RPM included) and at the bottom 2*120mm/140mm (2x 120mm, 1300 RPM included).

Do you have to vertical mount the GPU in Hyte Y60?

In Hyte Y60, the graphic processing unit(GPU) is mounted vertically.

Does the Thermaltake Core P3 come with a riser cable?

The Thermaltake Core P3 comes with a PCI E riser cable.

What is the maximum GPU length for Thermaltake Core P3?

The GPU length for Thermaltake Core P3 is without reservoirs and radiator; it is up to 450mm, and with reservoirs and radiator, it is 280mm and a power supply of up to 200mm.

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